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Satisfy Your Thirst , Be Healthy and Drink water only from Water For Less!

We provide safe and clean drinking water

Water For Less is a subsidiary brand of Livingwater Systems Inc, the Philippines largest, Widest and the number 1 water refilling station with over 3,400 branches here and abroad.

Collaboration and Teamwork between Livingwater

The country’s premiere brand in water refilling station, and World’s Of Water (WOW) testing laboratory, a DOH accredited water testing laboratory ensuring that our water is periodically tested to assure of the safety of all our customers.

Cost effective and Reliable Water Products

Everyday, millions of people and thousands of companies rely on water for Less for the delivery of their cost effective and reliable water products.

Offers the Widest Range of Products

Purified water, Mineral Water, Alkaline water, Oxygenated water and the latest Technology in the industry, the Hydrogenated water. Each product is designed to suit each customer’s necessity & priorities.

Environment Friendly

We believed that we have an important role to play in helping to preserve our country’s environment while at the same time being a socially responsible company that generates a fair return for its stakeholders


Drink The Water of Your Choice!

Purified Water

Process done through Reverse Osmosis system, eliminating 99% of the mineral contents of the water. It has similar quality with Distilled water. It is deal for dilution to Infant’s formula.

Mineral Water

Eliminates dirt, bacteria and sediments of the water, however all the natural minerals of the water are retained, which are essentials to our body.

Alkaline Water

The newest innovation that is available in the market today. Termed as “MIRACLE WATER” due to various claims made by user that they are healed after drinking Alkaline water. It flushes out the toxins and acid wastes in the body due to unhealthy diet and lifestyle.

Claimed benefits of Alkaline Water

1. Reverse aging process 2. Lower Blood Pressure 3. Increase Energy level 4. Improves the condition of Diabetes, Cancer, Psoriasis, Arthritis, UTI, Osteoporosis. Migraines. Ulcer, Kidney Ailments, Chronic Constipation, Gastritis, Acidosis.

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We strive to establish a long term relationship with our customers, and we value this relationship and consider them our most important asset and an everlasting business.

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